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About Visionary Esthetics


Melanie Denton Dombrowski, OD, MBA, FAAO

Founder & Visionary

As an Optometrist specializing in Dry Eye and Ocular Surface disease for the past 10+ years, I noticed a trend: my patients would often ask me about eye makeup, skincare that is safe for the eyes, or even come into my clinic with false lashes and other Ocular modifications that only caused to exacerbate Dry Eye and otherwise harm their eyelids and Ocular Surface.

Furthermore, the more I treated contact dermatitis around the eyes, blepharitis, and Dry Eyes from Lash serums and Extensions, the more I saw the need for Eye Safe Beauty!

I've enlisted the help of incredible "Esty's" to help me accomplish this goal. At Visionary Esthetics, we offer facials and eye/beauty treatments in a medical environment and with EYE SAFETY as well as beauty in mind.

My Licensed Estheticians offer everything you'd find at a traditional spa, but they're specially trained to work around the eye and to be mindful of eye and ocular surface safety.

We want to make eye safe beauty approachable and accessible to everyone. We want your eyes to feel good, look good, and make you feel like yourself again. 

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